I AM HERD is a 501-c3 non-profit where horses help humans hear their own hearts.


TOTALLY a Bucket List experience – Brenda *** This experience is totally beyond words. Other-worldly. I am so thankful I came. I feel I have a whole new perspective on life – J *** Mary Miller-Jordan’s (I AM HERD Founder) personal testimony of experiences Kim Farmer’s work first hand and discovering her TOP VALUE … […]

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Retreats No horse experience necessary. All you need is a horse in your heart. A group retreat experience that uses powerful exercises along with unique equine assistance to help participants develop a deeper purpose and sense of well being in both your professional and personal life. Embrace your heart self with an experience that is […]

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Mustang Messages

“Get on a horse” the voice said “Just get on a horse and Ride” the voice was strong and firm. It came from someplace beyond me, yet it was me the same. Almost as if it was a higher version of me. A more advances, well seasoned and experienced ‘Self’ that had figured this life […]

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About I Am Herd

I AM HERD is an equine based 501-c3 non profit that supports individuals in their journey to discover and nurture their inner selves through equine supported, body, mind and energy based programs.

Where horses help humans to hear their own hearts.

I AM HERD operates from a place of unconditional positive regard and inclusive spirituality, beyond the borders of denomination or religion and is not exclusively affiliated with any church or religious identity.

Founded by Mary Miller-Jordan, inspired by her Mustang partners, who are the official I AM HERD ambassadors.

Website created and maintained by Mary Miller Jordan of I AM HERD