TOTALLY a Bucket List experience – Brenda


This experience is totally beyond words. Other-worldly. I am so thankful I came. I feel I have a whole new perspective on life – J


Mary Miller-Jordan’s (I AM HERD Founder) personal testimony of experiences Kim Farmer’s work first hand and discovering her TOP VALUE …

I was even gifted an opportunity to experience some magical guidance by Kim myself. I will try to share a glimpse of it as best I can …

She sent me in the round pen with a beautiful horse and told me I could not speak. (yes – she knows me well ) She asked me to go back to one of my most blissful childhood memories. I felt my mind and heart swept away to when I was around 8 years old and I would play with my pony for hours on end at my Grandparents farm (ironically the farm was only minutes from the location of this retreat) I would day dream as I made necklaces out of clover flowers for him and rode him off bareback through the woods. Blissfully content at simply existing in his presence. Blissfully content at the freedom to day dream in my mind of all the adventures we would have. Blissfully content to play out those day dreams with him as my guide and friend. Blissfully content.

As my mind played this movie, the horse hung close to me, as if desperately desiring to guide me … to clue me in on what would later seem so obvious.

As my mind was swept away Kim began speaking words to me and asking me to rate them by raising my hand … She said many words. All of which were valuable to me .. freedom, safety, peace, happiness .. but none really grabbed me until she spoke … Vision.

I lifted my hand … I still felt there was another word that truly defined my calling, but Vision was close – very close. Kim told me to continue to listen to my own heart .. my word would come – there are infinite words that it could be .. My heart was the only one that truly knew, even though I did not know – yet.

Later in the retreat I found a card left in the bathroom by a fellow participant. It was face up and said what I knew immediately to be the word …


Vision described my dreams as I played with my pony in the woods, but my dreams I en-visioned were of pure Originality. Not competition with another being, not chasing what someone else told me I should be, just simple Originality – sourced from my simple Origin. Played out in reality by my simple dance with my simple pony.

“Brilliant Wild Horses are my Partners in Dance
Gifting the Sight of God’s Colors, If only a Glance”

I keep saying and feeling that I am meant to share a message through these Mustangs. To paint a picture of God’s Love through a dance with my wild Mustang herd. This is my calling, from my Origin. My Originality.

But – How to truly paint that kind of picture? Is it vain for me to try? Should I feel guilty to be claiming I even know what God’s love looks like?

I have struggled with all of this. Guilt for owning something that is all I feel meant to own. Owning your path is not easy. Not in a world where we are taught to be ever so humble and feel unworthy of God’s love.

But isn’t the point of life to allow our hearts to shine bright? Isn’t the point to shine our light so bright from within that we help light up the path for a fellow friend? Isn’t the point of love to FEEL it?

Life is a gift. Give yourself permission to take off the tidy little bow and open it up.

~Mary Miller Jordan



I came into this weekend without expectations, but yearning for something to happen in my heart and mind; a coming together of energy that would spark and fuel my fire.  Didn’t know what, how or when, but figured I would know it when I saw it.  So at the beginning of our retreat when you asked us to tell something about ourselves that wasn’t the typical, I was quite surprised at what came out of my mouth.  Why would I tell things so personal to a group of people that I really didn’t know that well?  It was if I had taken off my cloths and was standing before you naked,  I had no secrets left to tell, everyone could see my flaws.  I still don’t understand it, but I guess GOD believed I was in a safe place where I could expose those insecurities that have been holding me back.  After that initial blubbering, I thought the worst was over, but alas I was wrong.  There would be more revelations and tears to follow.  I have been moved by energy before, but nothing as powerful as what was present over the weekend.  I could actually feel it as we all arrived and were coming together for this mutual learning session.  As I ponder over the events of the weekend I find more and more intervention from GOD.  I can’t tell you that I will not struggle with the things I need to come to terms with, but I can tell you that I believe that “Enough” is OK.  I will continue to hear those words and work on totally accepting them in my heart.  Once I actually said the words, calm came over me and I lost my anxious feelings of inadequacy.   Not a single thought came over me that was negative. Only Pure Joy! This is a memory that I will hold dear to my heart forever and over time will call upon it for continued strength.  I am so blessed to have been a part of the first retreat; I have watched the video at least 10 times and keep telling myself “that is ME in those pictures”.  I want to shout it to everyone how great this experience has been.  Your team is team and will continue to do great things for lots of people! 



What great memories of a very moving weekend. Although the weekend is over the changes go on.

 ~Ducka Kelly


My life is forever changed thank you Jesus and thank you ladies for being a part of it ….feeling blessed. 

 ~Kelly Brown


Pursue your passion on purpose! God put it in your heart so HE could experience IT with you! If we don’t pursue We are denying Him. Its not only OK to love yourself, its necessary! God is within you and you can’t love Him and no one else properly until YOU LOVE YOU! He made you in HIS perfect image and to love Him is to love “the you” that HE made to reside in. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Delight yourself in the Lord and HE will give you the desire of your heart.

I want to thank Kim Farmer and Mary Miller Jordan for the retreat yesterday in Asheboro. It was difficult to describe before yesterday because when you set aside time to align with God’s Plan for your life, what happens IS UP TO YOU! When you allow the spirit to guide you to see with your heart (the unseen), you get the opportunity to evaluate just how far off the center line you are & which way to move next. What is your next move? To move closer to God you must embrace who you are at core, your heart.

If you have the chance to attend the next retreat, I strongly encourage you to take the time for You and God.

In His Love,

Kim Bullard-Benson


Thanks to Kim Farmer, and all those who attended for the beautiful memories of an unforgettable day!!! Can’t wait to do it again!!!   ~Sherry Bullins Pyrtle

I was reflecting back on the positives and negatives of my year and one of my biggest positives was the retreat. It was a huge positive with many revelations about myself and my life and I made friendships that I will treasure forever. That weekend changed my perspective on several different things and for that I am grateful to some amazing people.

 ~Kelly Brown