I AM HERD is a non profit on a mission to help as many individuals as we can benefit from Equine-assisted coaching, healing and life guidance. There is magic in the horse and this magic can help us all learn to ‘hear our own hearts’

I AM HERD provides sponsorship for individuals to attend equine assisted retreats, as well as creates the online live monthly show ‘The Herd Connection’ – view replays HERE

Above image by Ivy Schexnayder

The founder of I AM HERD is Mary Miller-Jordan. Mary offers her services to I AM HERD. Her personal business is ‘Mary Miller-Jordan & the Wild Mustang Guides‘ Mary’s Mustang Mustang partners are the ambassadors of I AM HERD. Mary’s work centers around the self discovery of your inner ‘Wild I AM’ – in other words, your authentic self. The Mustangs are brilliant guides for this inner work, because they are able to mirror to the human what it is they see in themselves, or perhaps crave to see in themselves. There is nothing like being surrounded by a huge herd of Mustangs and letting them guide you to your own authentic Wild I AM.