No horse experience necessary. All you need is a horse in your heart.

A group retreat experience that uses powerful exercises along with unique equine assistance to help participants develop a deeper purpose and sense of well being in both your professional and personal life.

Embrace your heart self with an experience that is so real… Learn to thread everyday life with the purity of creation empowered by equine supported, divine holistic guides.

Do you ever have a sense or instinct that you just can’t seem to
transcribe into viable thoughts or communication?
Have you ever searched for a method of discovering what these feelings
are and how to tap into them?I AM HERD offers a place of unconditional positive regard and
inclusive spirituality, beyond the borders of denomination or religion.
It’s a circle of life that allows the coming together of energy from your
body, mind and soul that will spark and fuel your fire from within.
I AM HERD supports all in their journey to discover and nurture their
inner selves through equine supported and equine surrounded exercises.