Vision Board

Who has ever heard of a Vision board?

FKJ & Squirt

FKJ & Squirt

I first heard of it in a post on fb by John Assaraf and I recently heard about it again in the book (Think like a Success, Act like a Success) written by Steve Harvey TV – I figured it was time I created one smile emoticon

Basically you select 5 – 7 things you desire in your life – things you do not have now, but desire – as well as things you currently have and are thankful for – you select pictures or words to represent these things (you could modify this concept in many ways) and then post it in a prominent place – one you will see every day – first thing when you wake up and last before bed – I choose my screen saver, b/c between website building, logo designs, picture editing, video tuterial making, talking to you etc. – well I do see this screen a lot!

My vision board includes multiple things – (1) a huge herd of horses moving like fish as one unified being – to represent my new venture (soon to be released) … (2) a picture of a cute old couple smiling huge, all wrinkled and gray – to represent what I desire for Mike and I, to grow into each other as we grow old, becoming closer and closer in our friendship and partnership (3) a glorious image of a woman experiencing pure bliss holding her baby moments after she delivered him engulfed by the warmth and love of her home, family and her Soul. (4) a flock of chickens out pecking on green grass beside their portable egg mobile home ( Best Poultry Ever at A Sorrael Filleigh’s Farm new venture) (5) a photo of a auras within a human mediating (6) my indoor arena wink emoticon it WILL happen! (7) a picture of money – because I do desire more of it to accomplish my dreams and goals (8) FKJ and Squirt – this was a current picture .. could not think of a way to improve upon who she is smile emoticon …. (8) a picture of a girl spread out in the green grass, flat on the ground- soaking the sun and the life force our loving earth provides … and I included some text – things that just came to me .. “Love others for who they are” … “SMILE Everyday – with a smily face picture” …. ok mine was more than 5-7, but you get the point wink emoticon

Mike and I both have already felt a shift just seeing these images everyday. The big silly smily face telling me to “Smile Everyday” – forces a smile on my face whether I feel like it or not .. and the crazy thing is, even if I did not feel like it (often I do not) I DO feel like it after I initiated (even forced) the physical smile. Just one way of Mind and Energy mirroring Body.

I have hesitated sharing this, because it is so deeply intimate to me – a deeply personal thing that I created in full candor and openness for my own inner and outer growth, but then I realized that much of my mission her on earth IS to share the most intimate things about myself. To share them with candor, confidence and courage.

I must always share ME from the inside out, no matter what anyone might think of me from the outside in.

I was aware of this concept of a Vision Board for a long time before I made the time to create one – and oddly enough I threw it together late one night when I was over tired and spent – but just felt I needed to finally do it – and it is perfect and took less than 5 minutes to create.

There are many things we put off, often times the very things that would be the most imperative to our future happiness and success – those things get overshadowed by the current emotion of the day – or the current disaster to be dealt with – when in fact the only way to shift the disasters to happy-ever-afters is to make that emotional shift WITHIN the disaster itself. This vision board helps me do that – it creates the emotion I desire, no matter what emotion I am currently experiencing.

I plan to incorporate this into the upcoming B ME Relationship building Online workshop – because our relationships with our horses can only flourish when we cleanse our relationship with our inner self. I hope someone reading this will try it too. I wish I had done it when I first heard of the concept, but there is no such thing as too late. Time is not linear. Time is always now.

Happy Vision Board Creating!!!

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