Go get You now


Never wait for someone else’s approval to start owning what resonates with your soul. Their walk is not your walk and yours is not theirs. There is not one soul on this earth that can hear your heart like you can.

Allow encouragement from others to lift you, allow discouragement to leave you.

No one has the ability to ruin your day or change who you are … unless you decide to drop down to where they are and align with them there. Align with your higher self instead, with your ultimate self that is aligned with your Creator.

You were born to do amazing things. You can live your whole life hiding from your own amazement if you wait for someone else to tell you that you are amazing.

It is not their job to tell you that, it is your job. When I write, I write to myself as well as you. Please do not wait for them to ‘get’ you. They never will, not until long after you have ‘gotten’ yourself. So Go get You now!

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