1.a place of refuge or safety. (for people)
2.a nature reserve. (for nature/animals)
The I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary is both a place of refuge and safety for humans as well as a nature reserve for the Mustangs. (above image by Parrish Photography)
Our Mustang Meditations held in the Sanctuary pasture with the Mustangs, are central to our mission at I AM HERD. These gathering of both 2 legged sentient Beings (ie The Humans) and 4 legged sentient Beings (ie The Mustangs) offers a powerful healing space of profound peace.

The human heart radiates an energy field, measurable by science, of up to 10 feet. That is amazing indeed, but the heart space of a Horse is even more impressive, measuring 50 feet in diameter around their body. 50 feet of Heart Energy exuding from a sentient Being that lives from a place of Peace. 50 feet of Heart Energy, exuding Peace, times 17 Mustangs in the collective herd space! … Oh My! This, yes THIS is what our Mustang Meditations are all about.

The Mustang Meditation invites YOU into this Vast Heart Space of powerful Peace.

We have two Mustang Meditation offerings coming up soon…

March 30th – Mustang Meditation held at the I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary on Be Life Farm in Kelly, NC with our herd of 15 Mustangs. This will be held on March 30th at 2 pm.  –> Register Here <–

April 6th – Mustang Meditation held at Tidal Creek Co-op in Wilmington, NC. This Mustang Meditation is held at 2 pm April 6th. we will be bringing one of our Ambassador Mustangs to Tidal Creek to assist in this unique offering in the city of Wilmington!   –> Register HERE <–

By simply existing in this shared space with the Sanctuary Mustangs your own energy system will begin to naturally ‘entrain’ to the rhythm of these powerfully peaceful Beings. All you do is sit there, relax, feel the sun kiss your face and perhaps a whisker brush your cheek. The Mustangs will take you to a place of Peace that we as Humans have forgotten exists.

One of our recent Mustang Meditation participants just wrote …

“Sitting with the herd would be enough to change your vibration. The transmission is made super powerful with Mary’s poetic spirit guiding us to drop in to a vast heart-space of beingness”

It is truly our honor to share this experience with you. We currently offer these monthly, our next session being Feb 17th, 2019 at 2 pm EST. If you would like to attend please join us through this registration link –> HERE <– We do ask for a small sliding scale donation to support the Mustangs, but if you cannot afford it, please just let us know and you will still be welcome to attend. It will be our honor to welcome you into the herd.

We are able to do what we do thanks to donations from Helpers like YOU. You can support I AM HERD through Amazon SMILE … or set up a FB Fundraiser page ( Link HERE ) or donate Today via Paypal OR CC or mail a check to PO Box 3 Kelly, NC 28448