Brave – mother was gathered in the wild while pregnant, he was born in a  BLM holding facility in Nevada

The picture above is from January of 2019. Brave is sleeping beside one of his best friends, Silver Lining.

Brave is one of our first rehabilitation Mustangs. He was at a BLM wild Mustang adoption in May of 2013. He was two years old and in very poor condition. It was obvious he was picked on by the other horses, as he was covered in scabs and was so very thin. As the other horses started to get adopted, Brave was passed over again and again. We simply had to adopt him and bring him home. And so we did!

Brave has proven to be a unique Mustang that has really held onto his fear of the human world more than most. He does so love his life in the sanctuary herd and loves to connect with humans energetically during Mustang Meditations.