I cannot rest until I am totally candid with you …

I have resisted saying anything regarding any of the recent ‘marriage’ news lately. I try very hard not to offend anyone, I think I try too hard at that actually. I am working to release that personal struggle. I AM HERD is all about hearing your own heart. I can hear mine loud and clear. […]

Go get You now

Never wait for someone else’s approval to start owning what resonates with your soul. Their walk is not your walk and yours is not theirs. There is not one soul on this earth that can hear your heart like you can. Allow encouragement from others to lift you, allow discouragement to leave you. No one […]

Find your Flow

Find your Flow. Finding myself a little scattered these last few days as I attempt to switch gears from wrapping up the LOPE – Liberty, Obstacle & Pattern Event​ show, to assisting Mike with his Best Poultry Ever LLC​ business, to helping FK with FK things :-), to working on my Explore B ME Online […]