No Judgements … No Limits

I think it is critical as I move forward with I AM HERD that I remain very transparent about what this non profit organization is all about. What we ARE about is inspiring others to HEAR YOUR OWN HEART. What we are NOT about is judging others in any way. In fact – there is […]

Be Still – To let your DREAM Grow

Be Still – To let your DREAM Grow Every horse is different, every pregnancy is different and every dream is different. They each must be treated as the unique individuals that they are. I have had dreams I needed to chase head on, with full force, with determination, with grit. I have had dreams that […]

Not Normal

Just in case anyone thought I was ‘normal’ – I would like to clear things up right now – I know I am not … at all … and I do not care, actually I seem to be aging to be quite proud of my abnormal self – no telling what kind of anti-normal existence […]