Valentine’s Day – Greek Love Words

On a day meant to celebrate LOVE, I would like to ask you to think beyond the blanket term ‘love’. The Greeks described different types of love in different ways… EROS – Passion/Infatuation (not highly regarded by the Greeks) AGAPE – Love for all PHILIA – Friendship love STORGE – Love of child or parent […]

Invisible Hands. Holding Strong

I have had such a strong mental image of all of these invisible hands, reaching out to one another. Coming together and holding firm, solid, supportive. This trip, these new wild horses. It is all about coming together. Partnerships. Support. It is about seeing what it is we desire and bringing it into reality through […]

ROAD TRIP – Getting Ready

Are we for REAL about to trek with our entire family all the way from NC to OR in FEBRUARY! ???! .. to get WILD HORSES and bring them ALL the way back home… in 17 days!?! Is that REALLY happening? Why yes, yes YES it IS! Though I think we are a bit in […]