Intro to New Wild Horse Adventure

This is 17 day trek west to get these wild horses is SUCH an adventure and I feel SO CALLED to reach out and CONNECT with others! The Retreats I AM HERD hosts are impossible to describe, but SO NEEDED in this world! That is much of why I created I AM HERD was/is to […]

Single Day RETREAT – NC

HEAR YOUR OWN HEART RETREAT hosted by I AM HERD SINGLE DAY RETREAT March 25th 9:30am – 5pm Location – Boys & Girls Home Equine Facility of Lake Waccamaw, NC Featured HERD GUIDES are Kim Farmer – Equine Gestalt Coach, Harriet Ling – Equine Assisted Touch Therapy & Mary Miller Jordan – Mustang Messages with […]

Dangly Threads …

Our recent experience at the VA America’s Mustang Extreme Mustang Makeover has left me so humbled. The three days of the expo were so seamless, easy and smooth. It was as if someone had purposefully designed the entire event so that we would have just the time we needed to prepare for each new task. […]