M.E.T. (Mustang Evacuation Transportation)
REVERSE RAFFLE to buy the TRUCK ($30,000 already donated to I AM HERD for this Horse Trailer)

Tickets are $200

Prize Money:

*** 1st Place wins $10,000 ***





10th place-6th place $400.00
5th place wins $800.00
4th place wins $1200.00
3rd place wins $1600.00
2nd place wins $2000.00
1st place wins $10,000.00

Winners Drawn at Hendrick Motorsports Team Center I AM HERD Gala on Oct. 25th, 2019 (do NOT need to be present to win)

Your $200 Raffle Ticket includes TWO seats the Gala (includes catered dinner)

Gala Location: Hendrick Motorsports Team Center

Date: Oct. 25th, 2019 at 6:30 pm

* Only 200 Tickets Sold!

* Your donation is tax deductible

* You may buy multiple tickets

* You do not need to be present at Gala to win

* If you have purchased at least one $200 ticket, you may buy additional reservations for dinner @ $50 each


If you are not aware of the reason why our Mustangs are in such need of this Mustang Evacuation Transportation, I welcome you to watch this video footage from Hurricane Florence (warning – it is not easy to watch, but has a very happy ending ..)