Did it go Wrong? – or is it TRYING to go Right?


So – things do go wrong. They do – and it has made me frustrated. I like for things to go the way I want them to go. So there – I admit it!

I am starting to realize that there is a big fault in the above statement. It starts with the first line. “Things go wrong” What if the thing I wanted to do went ‘wrong’ in order to open the door for the ‘right’ thing to occur? What if?

What if we assumed that was the case and instead of getting frustrated when our computer freezes – we take a breath to relax and assume it was meant to be. Assume there must be some grander plan conspiring in our favor. Why not? Even if simply for our own sanity!

I have had two recent examples of this that I want to share.

Story 1 – I work late at night a lot. That is my best time to write, to be creative and do things on the computer that are not much fun to do when the rest of my family is awake. Plus – I have always been a night owl. My circadian rhythm has me programmed to be the most creative when the moon is the highest. I have never fought it and I am thankful to have built a career that not only allows it, but embraces it.

So a few nights ago I was up late writing. I hopped over to fb and saw some post that got me a bit ruffled – I cannot even recall what it was. I started typing my thoughts under the post and – low and behold – my keyboard stopped working. About 5 keys just quit on me! It caught me off guard, but I already knew I was better off leaving this conversation alone and I just closed fb and went to check email before going to bed.

When I checked my email I had a sweet message from a dear friend that was having a hard time. She was upset about something and I quickly sent her a message – telling her to keep believing in herself and her dreams and that I knew that everything would be fine – but she had to believe it would too. She had to.

I closed out the computer and as I went to bed and realized that the keyboard had worked just fine for her message! .. Coincidence? – Nope, no such thing.

Story 2 – I am working on a new online series. It is a deep exploration of B ME and I spend 2 to 3 nights on each session. I create a very detailed write-up to explain all the dynamics taking place and I create voice overs on raw footage of gentling a wild Mustang. I am loving doing it – but it has meant I am up till 3 to 4 am the nights I am working on it.

Last night it was almost 4 am. I had completed the write up and had finished voice overs on 2 parts of the video. I was preparing to do the 3rd one when my voice over button on my editing program just quit on me! I started to get a little frustrated. I tried looking up tech info on it and had no luck. I finally decided that I better just go to bed.

It was 4 am by then – I definitely needed to go to bed.

The next morning  (well late morning 🙂 ) when I got up – I half way expected the voice button to be working again – but it was not. I was pretty disappointed – I really needed to finish this video today and did not want to have to buy a whole new editing program.

I remembered the experience with the keyboard only a few days back and thought to myself – there must be something good that is trying to show itself to me through this block. There must be.

I sat on the porch and let my mind wander and poof – I remembered I had an external/self contained voice recorder I used when filming outside in windy weather. I could just use it to record my voice, then import the audio file into the video software program.

That is exactly what I did (just now) and as I played the whole piece back – it was amazing the quality difference of the voice over I did with the software on the computer (that quit working) versus the voice over I did with this external recorder. The external recorder sounded way clearer and more professional – it was so much better I was tempted to re-record it all!

How many times does something not go to our plan and we automatically assume it went ‘wrong’? What if we could program within us that every time something goes wrong, it is only guiding us to what is TRYING to go right. I emphasize ‘trying’ – because it can ONLY go ‘right’ if we go with the flow and ALLOW it to. If we stay focused on fixing what we thought went wrong – we may remain blind to what is trying to go right!

I could have let either of those situations get me all bent out of shape. But the fact is – that never happens. Now, I sure have been known to get bent out of shape – THAT has happened 🙂 … but no ‘situation’ can bend us out of shape – we can only do that to ourselves. Had I done that I would have never noticed that email from my friend in need or thought to use another recorder for these videos – a much better one at that.

This whole universe is working to guide us to our ultimate existence. All tactics are used to get the point across. Even man-made machines – like a computer.

I am going to continue to strive to never label an experience as something “That went wrong” – but rather “What is this experience trying to show me that is right”


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  1. Love this. It is so very true. God protects and always provides what we need. Sometimes it is a rather painful process. But, I have learned from every experience.
    Pray for my Mom they are doing a biopsy on her small intestine tomorrow and later one on her lung. Hugs sweet mmj you are a true inspiration. How are you feeling? Baby doing good? When is she due?

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