The Helpers

… is this you?

We do depend on a community of support to enable us to offer Rainbow and the rest of the Mustangs the support they deserve. If you feel led to be a part of her journey, here are some ways you can help through a PAYPAL Donation or a CC Donation

Sponsor a Family Herd

In Feburary of 2017 we traveled all the way across the country to adopt two Mustang mares that were best friends from the wild. Only months after arriving home to the Sanctuary they both foaled identical buckskin colts. This family herd of four now has a forever home, at our sanctuary and you can become a part of their valued support system.

FULL Sponsorship of the Soul Sister herd is $750 per month. This covers all the monthly needs of this special herd, from free choice high quality hay, large pasture space to play and extra TLC for the Soul Sisters’ sensitive skin and eyes. In return we are honored to send you updates on your Soul herd, as well as many other Gifts of Gratitude.

What if you cannot swing the full monthly sponsorship? We so understand and want you to know that every bit of support helps and is felt by the herd. You are welcome to do a partial Sponsorship of this Soul Herd. A monthly donation of any amount … even $5, is a HUGE help to this herd (your perks for each Sponsor level are shown in our Gifts of Gratitude)


Sponsor a Rehabilitation Mustang

The image you see above is a blend of two files from my computer. One file is labeled ‘Colors’ and the other is labeled ‘For Colors’.

There is no doubt in my mind that our amazing wild Mustang “Colors”, that passed away only a year ago, has sent this new Rehabilitation Mustang to our sanctuary. It does not matter how BIG this committment may be, it does not matter how long it may take to show this new wild one that humans CAN be trusted … no, the time that is takes does not matter, all that matters is that we help this amazing sentient being that Colors has guided to our door.

When asked if we would take this being in, we said YES and we would be Honored if you said YES with us as well and partner to support her journey from deep scars and old wounds to new trust and new freedom. This special needs Rehabilition will take even more time, energy and money than even a freshly gathered wild horse. A Full Monthly Sponorship of a Rehabilitation Mustang is $1,000, but even if that is beyond your budget a partial Sponsorship of ANY amount will help us show this wild heart that she can find Freedom from her Fears in this human world. Please view our Gifts of Gratitude to see sponsors levels and perks.


Sponsor a Mama Mustang and her Baby

We carefully followed this amazing black & white pinto Mustang mare in the wild for years, as she is a FULL sister to our Ambassador Mustang, Magic! – So when she was rounded up, we were following her trail and found that she foaled this filly in the BLM holding facility only weeks after round up. We simply knew we MUST adopt the mare and bring them to the sanctuary and so I AM HERD had these two private shipped (so they had a big box stall together) all the way from Oregon to CO and then we personally drove them the rest of the way ‘home’.

This mama Mustang has proven to be especially aggressive and (rightfully so) protective and so we are showing her in the gentlest of ways that humans can be trusted and that she and her baby are safe here. The Full Sponsorship of this amazing Mama/Baby pair is $400 and as always a Partial Sponsorship goes such a long ways as well, because YOU are not the only one with a Heart for the Wild Horse and your Partial Sponsorships add up to Full Support.


Sponsor an Ambassador Mustang

Our Ambassador Mustangs are integral to the I AM HERD Sanctuary. In fact, they are why MMJ founded I AM HERD in the first place! Our Ambassadors include Famous Mustangs, like Lindsay’s Faith, who was immortalized into a Breyer Model Horse after winning a national TV show, much like American Idol for horses. Our Ambassadors have unique specialty training and talents and have won awards and performed in countless national presentations at liberty, bareback and bridleless and have been featured in magazines such as Horse & Rider, Western Horseman, Horse Illustrated and more … as well as seen on National Geographic and RFD-TV. … but more than all of that this herd is where the Heart Beat of I AM HERD was birthed and this heart herd continues to share the heart beat of the Wild Mustang with many new humans, through our Mustang Meditations and Retreats.

Do you feel especially drawn to one of our Ambassadors? You can became a Sponsor of the special Mustang YOU feel a heart connection with. Meet this herd at our Mustang Ambassadors page and note their name on your Sponsorship.

Full Sponsorship of an Ambassador Mustang is $175 monthly. You will receive updates from your heart horse with your monthly donation. Be sure to view our Gifts of Gratitude for all perks and sponsor levels.


To give you an idea of a few of our consistent costs for the entire Sanctuary herd … Hay is our biggest expense – one roll of high quality horse hay costs upwards of $50. (Often supports will donate half a roll of hay per month at $25, this support adds up when multiple people ‘show up’)

Sponsor Half a Roll of Hay Monthly Here <–

You may also mail a check to:I AM HERD PO Box 3 Kelly, NC 28448 Your donations are fully tax deductible by law, as I AM HERD is a 501(c)3 organization. We would be honored if you choose to send us your mailing address when you make your donation so that we may send you a personal thank you card!On the waves of the deep profound Peace that IS this herd, we send you the most sincere gratitude. (Colors front and center, forever alive in our hearts)

You may donate safely via PAYPAL or Credit/Debit Card or mail a check –> I AM HERD PO Box 3 Kelly, NC 28448 or email us at to let us know how you would like to help.