We depend on a community of support to enable us to offer Rainbow the rehabilitation she deserves. If you feel led to be a part of her journey, here are some ways you can follow Rainbow’s rehabilitation and join our community of helpers …

(1) Attend the April 12th-14th Clinic Live in TN (there is limited participation for this as it is a deeply intimate event) Contact us to learn more about your participation in person. (email hearyourownheart@gmail.com)

(2) View the Clinic livestream via Mary’s Patreon group ‘The Wild Horse Course’ – for a love donation of $45 a month (or more) you will have full livestreaming access to Rainbow’s clinic April 12-14 AND you will be enrolled in The Wild Horse Course, which also following Mary’s gentling progress with wild Mustang Gabriela and her filly. There is currently three months of content you will automatically receive as soon as you join. You can view it on your own time and you will continue to have access to it as long as you are signed up for the love donation of $45 a month. If you would live to only sign up to watch Rainbow’s clinic livestream, you can cancel your monthly subscription after the clinic. You may join us on Patreon at anytime before the April clinic and dive into all the footage of Mary and wild Mustang Gabriela and foal.

(3) Become a Rainbow Sponsor – It is imperative that Mary is able to dedicate the time to Rainbow that she needs to heal these deep wounds and to learn how to live in a human world. This means she will need to learn how to be led again, and have her feet trimmed and all the other necessary aspects of Mustang life in a human world. All of this is critical for her care and we would only be willing to take Rainbow in, if we intended to devote the time it will take to fully rehabilitate her.

We have set a goal of $500 a month to sponsor the care of Rainbow. We expect Rainbow will need this monthly sponsorship for at least one full year, maybe more. This will ensure that Mary can devote her time and energy to help Rainbow in the way she uniquely needs.

To Become a Rainbow Sponsor (you set your donation amount) click below (or you may mail a check to PO Box 3 Kelly, NC 28448)

Your donations are fully tax deductible by law, as I AM HERD is a 501(c)3 organization. We would be honored if you choose to send us your mailing address when you make your donation so that we may send you a personal thank you card!