The only reason we can do what we do, is because of amazing helpers like YOU! Would you like to join our HERD-ATHON and make a pledge of support?

How does this HERD-ATHON work? Here is how it works … we have multiple sites set up all over the nation where we are offering our Mustang Mentorship & Meditation programs to individuals in need. Many of these sites are right in the backyard of schools and some are at host barns where groups come in and meet us. We are creating safe sanctuary space with this amazing herd of Mustangs for many individuals in need, from children at risk of school drop out to battered women’s groups to public events where anyone that is drawn to our offerings can come be a part.

My Pledge will be multiplied by how many people? Your pledge is per individual we help along the tour. We have 9 tour stops (not counting out first ‘Send -off’ tour stop in Wilmington 🙂 ) and we estimate to help approximately 10 to 30 individuals at each location.

How will I know how many individuals I AM HERD has helped? We have a special I AM HERD tour book that we invite our participants to sign … not with their names, but with One Word that embraces their experience. Each word represents each individual I AM HERD has helped on tour. We will share the tour book after each tour stop, so you will see our progress!

What if I want to cap how much I donate, in case you help many more people than you expect? Of course that is ok! You can cap your donation at any number you desire.

What if I can only donate a tiny bit? .. as in maybe a dime per person? This would be Amazingly Wonderful for you to do! If you pledge a dime and we help an average of 20 people at every tour stop, that is a total of (9 x 20 = 180 people @ 10 cents per person is a total of $18 and that IS a help to I AM HERD … plus it brings YOUR unique Essence and positive intentions in on this mission! and THAT my friend is worth more than all the money in the world!)

How to I commit my Pledge? Simply fill out this online form or print out –>  Herd-athon Form <– and fill it out and mail it to us at I AM HERD PO BOX 3 Kelly, NC 28448 or email

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