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When I first heard that it was in the news that ‘processed foods’ caused cancer, I was not really surprised – the fact is, my family has been on this band wagon for a while now. Here are one of the many articles circulating now.

My husband has been on a mission to learn everything he can about how to eat truly clean, real food, and provide it for our family, ever since he got sick (became almost paralyzed overnight) for no apparent reason back in 2013… he magically became better, but the source of the sickness was never determined and he was left with an overwhelming inner drive to make some major changes in his life – especially about food.

Over the next year he lost over 30 pounds, without even trying. He is nothing but lean muscle now and he was never even attempting to loose weight – it was a side effect of clean, real food.

He has learned wealth of information about what is ok to eat and what is not *** and granted it is way overwhelming at first – but it is actually quite ‘do-able’ once you learn a few basics. He has discovered many ‘exchanges’ that work really well – It is not always convenient to eat this way – but this is your body. You only get one in this lifetime. You can do this! … and YOUR $ is what is determining what the fast food joints will sell, YOU can shift the future of our food and our health – the power is in your dollar bill! Cheap food is not cheap at all when it causes thousands of dollars to be spent in the hospital!

I wanted to share a few thingsย  … from the wife of a man that studies this night and day – We have learned a few things! …

Here is how we think ***… (please feel free to use your own brain for your thinking, but this is what we have learned through our research and inner common sense and how we live our lives)

    1. Know every ingredient that you are putting in your meal. This means to steer away from boxed meals or anything pre-packaged. (this is not as hard as it sounds)
    2. Never use vegetable oil – use coconut oil instead.
    3. Never use white sugar – we use raw, organic cane sugar, local honey is good (but bee certain the bees are not feed high fructose corn syrup! – that would kind of defeat the purpose)
    4. Never use processed butters, like spreads or margarine – we use pastured, organic butter (and we eat lots of it)
    5. Steer away from any meats that do not look like meat. Typically anything that is not in the ‘shape’ of its natural state is not ok. (anything that looks like it was stamped out or put into a mold, deli meat, chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc.) It is always better to eat meat that is not processed at all, but if it is processed it must be clearly marked “Nitrate free” as it is the chemical nitrates used for preservation that are toxic to us. There are natural nitrates from celery that are ok.
    6. White table salt is not ok, it is processed – we use sea salt (preferably from Sea Love Sea Salt ๐Ÿ˜‰
    7. Corn, soy, sugar beets (white sugar), canola, papaya (there are more) are all commonly GMO – it is worth the money to buy non-GMO of these products. Visit the Non GMO project to learn more.
    8. High fructose corn syrup is way off limits, and it is the first ingredient in a lot of stuff. – we not not eat it, it is from GMO corn and majorly processed.

Do not eat meats that are smoked, cured or flavored unless clearly marked nitrate free.

We also only eat only organic fed (or grass non-GMO fed) and pastured meats, but I am trying to not go too deep in this post b/c I do not want to scare you away from trying to eat more clean ๐Ÿ˜‰ it can seen very overwhelming, but your quality of life is worth it!

*** disclaimer – this is information we have learned from our own research – it is YOUR job to learn what works for you and your family – we are certainly not responsible for your health – but we do want to share what works for us.

… right now my husband is cooking organic turkey burgers, from turkey we raised, with all organic ingredients and home raised sweet potatoes ๐Ÿ˜‰ We can shift this world back to consuming real food from happy, healthy animals – it starts with YOU and ME!

Good resources are …

Dr. Mercola

Weston A Price

-mmj (and Mike)

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