It takes a diverse and special ‘Human Team’ to create the foundation and leadership needed for a Non-Profit Sanctuary to thrive. I Am Herd is honored to have the guidance and support of each of these amazing people and businesses.

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts and it is the Horse that weaves us all together as – One

Meet the Humans behind the Horses


Sabinananda – Board Member

Sabinananda leads global Meditations supported by her 5 horse partners, she lovingly calls her ‘Herd of Light’. She is a dedicated teacher and student of Sound Healing, Reiki, Subtle Energy Healing, Visual Meditation, Transcendental Meditation and of course The Horse. It is a true honor to have Sabinananda support I Am Herd as a board member and advisor.


Mary Miller Jordan (MMJ)I Am Herd Founder and current CEO

MMJ is deeply passionate about advocating for the Mustang through creating experiential offerings where humans can feel the power of the collective Wild Mustang Heart Space. She believes that the most direct pathway to creating a more Peaceful place on the ‘outside’ is to create a more Peaceful place on the ‘inside’. She loves feeling the Peace pour in when people experience the Mustang Meditations.


Mike Jordan – Farm Manager

Mike is the husband of Mary and father of their three daughters.

This is the man that does IT ALL! He builds the shade shelters, fences, manages the pastures, moves round bales of hay and watches the girls while Mary assists the Mustang Meditations. We simply could not do this without him.



Lauren Lee Sarlya – Chairman of the Board

When you first meet Lauren, you’ll notice she is all HEART.
It’s no wonder she’s been drawn to the Wild American Mustangs who are also known for their HEART. Lauren shares Mary Miller Jordan’s passion for helping the mustangs. She feels strongly about helping more gathered Mustangs getting adopted into appropriate, loving forever homes by increasing the general public’s awareness of what these amazing horses have to offer. Lauren has previously been in a Board of Director position and voting Officer for seven years at True Blue Animal Rescue in Texas, a 501c3 that rescues horses, dogs, and cats. She is a strong advocate for animals and knows personally how they can improve our lives if we let them. She currently resides in Texas managing a  heavenly farm with 10 horses of various ages and breeds. Lauren is honored to be a part of the I AM HERD team.


Laurie H. WoodMember of the 2020 Board of Directors and Secretary

After graduating from NCSU in Animal Science and Poultry Science, Laurie spent 30 plus years with the NC Department of Agriculture in Poultry Program Administration and Produce Marketing. After retiring Laurie continues to work 2 part time jobs, the first with one of the ag commodity associations she supported, the NC Pecan Growers Association and also the SE North Carolina Agricultural Events Center in Lumberton, where she helps to provide support, marketing and scheduling for events held in the Pavilion (the indoor arena). Laurie shared her thoughts about being a board member “I have always been interested in horses. Horses have played a huge part in my leisure life. From the imaginary horses I had as a child, to the 5 that I currently am privileged to share my life with, horses hold a huge space in my mind and heart. I have had a long time admiration for the mission of “I Am Herd” and am excited to play a role in supporting this worthwhile non-profit that has already helped many. I have an evolving interest in meditation, yoga, and the lifelong process of finding the authentic ME that life manages to disguise in so many of us. “ Laurie hopes to play an active role on the board as well as volunteer support for “I Am Herd” projects.


DeAnna BrownMember of the 2020 Board of Directors and Treasurer

I simply can’t describe the feeling of being around these amazing Mustangs! I am honored to be a part of I Am Herd, a wonderful local nonprofit and mustang sanctuary. This is one of our ambassadors, Magic. The first pictures are of her roaming wild in Oregon. As part of the necessary gathering by the BLM to control herd population, these Mustangs are gathered and taken to holding facilities to be adopted out. My very dear soul sister, Mary, has adopted and provided a sanctuary for many, as well as working to bring attention to these wonderful horses. Mary’s technique in gentling these horses is like nothing I have ever seen. The softness and quietness that is displayed and the trust that she establishes with them, reveals their heart and willingness. It is in this process where the mustang becomes the teacher as well. It is also a place of rehabilitation for Mustangs that were adopted out into less than ideal circumstances. Through I Am Herd, these horses are helped to overcome bad experiences that bring distress and in some cases trauma.
The final picture is of me (not sure what my face is doing, lol) being invited in to share space with Magic during a retreat that I had the honor of attending. It’s an indescribable therapeutic experience and in many ways, life changing. I Am Herd is making so much possible for these horses in providing not only a sanctuary for them, but therapeutic and healing experiences for humans. There are many ways to help with the mission of I Am Herd. Donations of money, materials, talents, etc are needed to help provide, maintain and grow this place of refuge for so many.


Rebecca McLeanMember of the 2020 Board of Directors

Rebecca McLean grew up with horses, but over the last couple years has personally encountered the healing power they possess. She recently graduated from Appalachian State University and is continuing her education by pursuing a Master of Social Work. With this degree she hopes to provide others in need with the healing and life changing relationship with a horse.



Sharon Miller

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Allison Kraft
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