Mary Miller-Jordan (MMJ) is the founder and current Executive Director of the I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary. Mary experienced the healing qualities of the Mustang first hand in her personal life and it was so transformational that she created I AM HERD so that the Mustangs could help other individuals, as they have helped her.

Mary is a nationally acclaimed Mustang gentler and trainer, having won multiple titles with her Mustang horses before founding non-profit, I AM HERD.

Below is a short highlight of some of Mary’s accomplishments with the Mustangs:
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🐎 2010 adopts her first Mustang “Lindsay’s Faith” to compete in the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover

🐎 2011 Lindsay’s Faith and Mary audition and are selected to compete on the Nationally Televised ‘Reality’ Show called “America’s Favorite Trail Horse” – They WON – naming an American Mustang “America’s Favorite Trail Horse” and winning $30,000

🐎 2012 Invited to compete in the Magic Extreme Mustang Makeover and finishes top 5 (This Mustang is Magic)

🐎 2012 Competes in the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover and wins Reserve Champion with a completely Tackless/bridleless/bareback ride on a Mustang 120 days from wild winning $20,000 (this is Silver Lining)

🐎 2013 First adopted Mustang is immortalized into a BREYER MODEL HORSE and performs at Breyerfest

🐎 2013 Gentling techniques with new Mustang “Flying Colors” featured on the Nat GEO WILD TV show called ‘Mustang Millionaire”

🐎 2013-2014 Published Mustang themed Children’s Books Silver Mane and Be You Lenny

🐎 2016 Founder and current President of non-profit I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary offering unique outreach programs with the Mustang herd to support those in need.

Mary and Mustang, Silver Lining, during a freestyle performance for the Extreme Mustang Makeover.