I cannot rest until I am totally candid with you …


I have resisted saying anything regarding any of the recent ‘marriage’ news lately. I try very hard not to offend anyone, I think I try too hard at that actually. I am working to release that personal struggle. I AM HERD is all about hearing your own heart. I can hear mine loud and clear.

So much of this recent talk about same-sex marriage seems to revolve around religion, specifically the Christian religion. I grew up in a Christian household. I think the Christian religion is a wonderful thing, because it IS a wonderful thing.

Christian religion is wonderful when it gives the believer the inner peace to know they are personally saved with a pass to eternal life. Everyone deserves to feel that inner peace. Christian religion is wonderful when it causes believers to love one another. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Christian religion is wonderful when it causes believers to resist the temptation to pass judgement on one another. No human has any authority to judge another human. The Christian religion is wonderful when it causes believers to be more Christ-like. If all Christian believers would set that as their number one goal, to be Christ-like, there would be an overwhelming flow of Love in this world, and everyone deserves that.

Many many MANY Christians ARE exactly all of the above. The Christian faith has offered many of us a road map to discovering faith, forgiveness, peace and so much more.

The Christian religion is wonderful. However, I will never be able to see the justification in a human being using their Christian religion to judge another human being.

A brilliant individual once told me, “God is To Love”.

I replied, “Yes, God is Love.”

She replied back, “no – God is TO Love”.

The more I thought about that simple phrase, the deeper I was moved by it. “To Love” is an action, this implies movement. To Love is the movement of the emotion – Love. To Love someone implies you are allowing this Love to move through you to the other being. It unifies the two together and the simple process of doing this – feeling this Love emotion, benefits both the giver and the receiver.

This “To Love” movement of emotion is quite tangible. You can feel it when it is present and everyone around benefits from it’s flow through the universe. You can also feel it when it is not present. When the air is tight with anger, sadness and … as much as I despise typing the word – hate. That is tangible too, as well as suffocating.

To view God as “To Love” would mean that “To Love” is to feel God move within your soul. This resonates deeply with me.

No, I am not homosexual. I am a woman married to a man and I am in love with him – and his ‘parts’ 😉 But there is nothing in me that feels the least bit offended in my personal marriage to think of a homosexual couple sharing the same title – “Married”

For me personally, to allow someone else the freedom To Love in the way that resonates true with them – that is a gift we all deserve. That is a gift we all can benefit from. There is no such thing as too much love. That is like saying there could be too much good, or too much God in the world.

I am fully aware that many will deeply disagree with some of what I have said in this post. I am fully aware that many of those that disagree are people I care tremendously about. They include people that have supported my Mustang journey from day one. I have family that I love with all my heart that will disagree as well. These people are kind, generous and loving. These are good people and if you are one of them, please know how deeply I respect you and I respect your right to your thoughts as well.

I do not think someone is ‘wrong’ simply because they disagree with same-sex marriage. I just personally do not think someone is ‘wrong’ for desiring to have one.

This is one of those posts that is almost impossible to hit ‘publish’ on. It is controversial and I do not do controversial. I do not like arguments. I do not like confrontation. What I do not like even more than all of that, is to feel like I am muting myself from something I personally feel led to say.

If I expect to start up a nonprofit that has the mission to inspire others to “Hear your own heart” – I better be listening to mine!

I will not allow my own insecurities and my own desire to be accepted by everyone, mute my own heart.

I will not.

I cannot.

I Am Herd



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  1. Thank you for being so honest and for opening up your heart. You are a true testimony of love and everyone’s right to love whom they choose. Yes, this would be Christ-like love and acceptance.

  2. Yes! I couldn’t agree more. I really like your connection of loving as the act of ‘feeling’ God move thru us. When we have such a nebulous, intangible concept of God, what a wonderful way to connect to our sprituality in a way we can feel and not doubt.
    One thing I want to add is that I think it’s unconscionable to ask a person NOT to love. Many churches merely tolerate homosexuality as long as it is never acted upon. The message is we love you as long as you behave falsely. I’m not sure many folks have realized how hurtful this judgement is. They can’t change their heart any easier than we could.
    Thanks Mary !
    PS. I’m pressing “publish” now.

  3. Mary I am proud of you for expressing your feelings. I ,t00, mirror them. Have reasons that I have shared with you to say,”God Don’t Make No Junk!” since I know many are born different. None would choose to be abused by society !! We should all, Love One Another!

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