I was a fish.

I had a dream like vision a while back that I have been wanting to share.

I was a fish and I lived in a comfortable aquarium.

There was a very dark spot on my aquarium wall that frightened me. When I approached it, the dark spot grew bigger, so I did my best to always stay on the opposite side of my aquarium, so the dark spot would stay small. But one day I felt an overwhelming desire to swim towards it. Straight towards the center of the dark spot.

So I started swimming..

As I got closer to the dark spot it grew larger and larger. I was afraid and I was not sure why I was swimming towards this scary place.

I kept swimming.

As I got closer, I started to see ‘window like’ holes within the dark spot of the aquarium wall. It was like the dark wall was a porous veil and the reason it looked so dark from a distance was because the holes looked super tiny from far away. Much like a fabric mesh (like a burlap sack) looks solid from afar, but when you hold it up to your eyes, you can see through.

I kept swimming.

As I got really close the window-hole grew so large that all I could see was black, empty darkness inside of it.

I kept swimming.

I finally swam so close that the entire hole filled up the space around me. It was as if I was at the edge of the window seal. It looked like pure darkness on the other side.

I kept swimming.

As I swam through the window-hole I looked down. I was expecting to see the thickness of the wall of the aquarium. But as I looked, I realized the wall was paper thin. No, as I managed to hover right above the window seal, I could see that it was thinner than that – the wall was purely 2 dimensional. The walls simply disappeared from my perspective, as I hovered in the window, because they only had height and width – no depth.

I kept swimming.

As I swam through the window to the other side I was overwhelmed by the vastness of the space I was in. I could feel that there was infinite space all around me.

I kept swimming. I started to see lights and colors appear that I had never seen before. They were fluorescent-like and brighter than anything my eyes had taken in before.

I realized I was in infinite space. There was no bottom and no top. It was beautiful and I was not afraid at all.

I kept swimming.

Was my 2 dimensional aquarium wall visible from the other side?

I do not know.

I kept swimming.


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