IN the Herd

Today as I had the herd all lined up together, I proceeded to take a curry and give each one a deep massage. As I slowly moved from horse to horse I reached SueƱo, on the end. I then noticed I was not the only one offering massages. They were grooming one another as well!

The perfection of the moment took me by surprise and I had to remind myself to release it and just allow them to allow me in their moment of time.

I kept massaging and they kept grooming – it went on for quite some time – my arm finally gave out! It is hard to explain what a milestone it was, but it was huge. They all were contently holding the same ground I had requested, all together. I did not have to remind them or do a thing – I was simply allowed into their Grazing Mode bubble of perfect peace and was gifted the opportunity to share in it. – The ironic thing is – this herd would not have been standing so closely on their own. Their bubbles of personal space would have been penetrated and someone would have gotten the boot – but instead they stayed – because I asked. .. and they enjoyed it – because I did first. My currying initiated this chain reaction of Mustang currying Mustang.

How many times do we follow the guidance of our leader with such pure relaxation, trust, comfort? … and to do it all together, 3 inches apart from someone that steals our food when the leader is away. Fully trusting that our leader will protect us, from the 1000 pounds on our right and 1000 pounds on our left that would be chasing us around the field if we were alone. And to not only do as our leader requests – but to become totally relaxed while there.

Life goes beyond following the guidance in our heart, it is the Energy we carry with us as we follow our leader. That is more important than the action I do believe – but when the two come together – when the requested behavior is met, accompanied by complete trust and peace in that guidance. That is a perfected moment of time – that is a moment to soak up and soak in and carry with you everywhere you go.


The Reward is in The Relationship

The Reward is in The Relationship

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