Karuna is a wonderful, playful, mischievous pony, and the son of Light. He was born only days after arriving at the sanctuary. His mother, Light, and his grandmother, Love, had been brought here as pregnant and sick ponies and were being given veterinary treatment to help them heal. But, when Karuna was born Light was not fully recovered and so he became very ill. Karuna is an ancient name rooted in Buddhist teachings, meaning compassion. The similarities between the pronunciation of “Karuna” and “Corona” are no accident. Light, Love, Karuna, and Shanti were all in quarantine on the sanctuary land recovering from sickness at the same time the world was beginning to enter the COVID-19 pandemic. But today is a new day – Karuna decided to stay and recover! He is strong and smart and spunky and now one year old!

Karuna is sponsored by Suzanne Frye, Alani Joy, Lisa Santacaterina, and Carla Callahan, who make up a large part of his sponsorship team! Karuna is looking for 3 more individuals to fulfill his full sponsorship team of 7. We are committed to offering Karuna a forever home here at I AM HERD, but we cannot do it alone. I AM HERD is a non-profit and depends on public support to care for this herd. Sponsorships are $50/month and receive Gifts of Gratitude and updates from Karuna throughout the year.

If you feel a connection to Karuna, please consider becoming his Sponsor.

Read on to learn more of his story …

Here is one of the very first photos taken of Karuna after he was born. You can see the strength and compassion inside his little body, from the start of his life. Karuna was very sick, in fact, he almost died despite veterinary care, IV fluids, and antibiotics. One of the most helpful pieces to his healing was his grandmother’s milk. Karuna’s mom Light was sick as well as so her milk did not contain enough nutrients for Karuna to survive, but since Love (Light’s mother) had given birth a few days later to Shanti, she had milk available to be given to Karuna. This was a boost that Karuna needed, and it helped him to heal. This story is one of a strong family bond, who are resilient, and survivors.

Pictured above you can see the love Shanti has for Karuna. Although she was born after him, she is very much a role model for him and a protector. In the photo above she is seen wrapping herself around him in a giant and insulating hug.

Karuna now lives in the large pony herd of 9 with his mother (Light), grandmother (Love), and Shanti. Here you can also see Rico pictured, spending time with Karuna. Rico and Love have fallen in love with each other, and now Rico is an additional protector and caregiver to both Shanti and Karuna. He is much like a step-grandfather to Karuna and supports the family as his own.

Karuna is a compassionate and sweet soul who has proven to be a pony of great endurance and strength to carry on despite obstacles. He is now happy and healthy spending his days playing with Shanti, Squirt, and of course Sahaja in the pasture. He and Sahaja often chase each other around in a game of tag and love to play and enjoy their life.

Karuna is in need of Sponsorship. If you feel a connection to Karuna it would be our honor for you to amplify that connection by a direct contribution to his care.

Sponsoring an I AM HERD horse or pony is one of the most supportive things you can do for our work and mission. And the most amazing part is the way it truly connects the Caregiver TO the horse or pony they are Sponsoring! These wild ones just know and they are so grateful for Your help!

Your donation ensures that we can provide the best of care to this wild one that you feel a connection to. Sponsorships are a monthly donation of $50, the cost of a bale of hay, and are a one-year commitment. You may opt to have your monthly donation withdrawn automatically or you may pay in full for the year either via check or online credit card. The annual commitment begins the month you begin your Sponsorship (for example a Sponsorship initiated in Feb 2020 will run through Feb 2021)

Blessings from this herd to your heart, there is truly a wild horse in all hearts that are drawn to them ~

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