Kiddie Pools …

I had a dream I want to share.

In my dream I was remembering playing in a small pool. Something like a plastic kiddie pool. I was remembering what fun it was to play in the pool and wanted to do it again.

I found the pool (again, it was much like a plastic kiddie pool) and tried to put it in the water to set it up to play in it. I did not fill it with a hose, but rather attempted to push it down in this body of water, to fill it that way – letting some water seep over the top. I thought I had succeeded and went to get in it with a friend and play – but much to my frustration it sunk down from our weight and the water continued to pour in over the top until it sank.

I kept trying to pull it up and get it situated so we could play in it and have fun, like I did when I had played in it before, but never could get it set up right – it just kept sinking under water. Then all of a sudden in the dream I was able to see the body of water I was trying to force this little pool to float in, it was a HUGE POOL.

Deep, wide, clear, beautiful, and HUGE. It dawned on me that I had the entire pool to play in and had it all along. I had no need to be fighting with this tiny plastic kiddie pool. I had a huge pool right there ready, waiting, available to me. … and apparently it had always been there. Ironically, it was the very thing I had been fighting with all along, because of it’s depth the kiddie pool would keep sinking.

I remember feeling awestruck at the size of the pool, and a bit scared at the thought of playing in something so huge. But I also remember realizing that if I wanted to play, I was going to have to play in the huge pool, because I was sure not going to get this kiddie pool to float in it with the weight of myself and my friend.

Then I woke up.


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  1. i picture the kiddie pool as your earthly reality, the tangible and the big pool as the spiritual world, the universe, the afterlife….it is always there…(the love of God, the universe sending signs to us with it’s promise ….if we can only let go and trust and lose the illusion the WE are in control. I love this dream! I believe it was a gift from Kim and Aunt Frances because you believed and asked. I know it has your own personal meaning for you….it is an amazing dream. Thank you for sharing. I am thinking of you….i know you have lost 2 very close and loved friends lately and it is hard not to have them here. Even though we know they are in a much better, pain free place. I wish you peace and happy memories and good dreams as you deal with this loss.

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