Let it Flow …

Filleigh Kay planned out her very own performance at the I Am Herd Oct. 31st event. She and I talked about her performance beforehand. I told her when you go to perform – you just go with the Flow. We may “practice perfect” before hand and play it out in our minds a hundred times, but once it’s time to be ‘ON’ you just Flow with whatever the performance brings …
Flow she did. When she started her performance, her song would not play … Now it had played just great all morning, but when it came time to perform (in front of a bunch of people) it would not play … but just because her song would not play through the speakers, did NOT mean her song didn’t play.
We all joined in and sang “This Little Light of Mine” for her, and for us, and Filleigh Kay did what she does best – she shined.
Life is just like that performance. Our song does not always play out of the speakers as we expect it to. Sometimes we cannot hear our song at all from from those speakers and when that happens – THAT is exactly the time we must to sing it loud and clear to ourselves.
The speakers in our own hearts will always play what we tune them into.
We practice perfect, we plan, we prepare, we do everything we can to be ready .. and then life shows up and ready or not – it’s time to be “ON”. … When that time comes we have to abandon the need for perfection, we have to trust that we will simply know what to do when the moment shows up and we must get out of our own way to allow ourselves to simply perform.
Life is ON. We must allow ourselves to Flow with it and be ready to sing our own song.
(So THANKFUL to Parrish Photography for capturing special moments at the first ever I Am Herd event. It is very tricky to get any decent photos in an indoor arena like this, and we decided before the show not to use the flash, bc I thought it might distract me from my message … but even with a difficult situation for a photography, they still managed to capture some really amazing moments for us.)
… To watch Filleigh Kay enter into the arena, to do a performance she planned out and to watch her shine – it was one of the highlights of the show for me. ..

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