Lindsay’s Faith is a Bay Roan Mustang mare with a silver mane & tail from wild White Mountain, WY. Lindsay’s Faith is a wise seemingly all-knowing being who is not motivated by anything but inner peace. Lindsay’s Faith has a desire to help others, and be apart of something larger than herself. While serious at times, she is a fun-loving wild Mustang who has a unique and amazing story within our herd. Lindsay’s Faith is the very first Mustang I AM HERD adopted from the wild and gentled. She was born and ran wild in the cold terrain of White Mountain, Wyoming. At 7 years old she was still wild and unadopted, having given birth to multiple foals. We knew Lindsay’s Faith had a special place with us, and so we adopted her and brought to the sanctuary land. Since then, she has become a renowned competitor, competing in the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, a National Reality TV Show called “America’s Favorite Trail Horse”, and immortalized as a Breyer Horse Doll. She is now retired on the sanctuary land and spends her days in freedom and peace, where she can live amongst the many wild Mustang’s she paved the way for by winning titles and awards helping I AM HERD become the non-profit it is today!

Lindsay’s Faith is now building her Sponsor Team and is in need of her first Sponsor. Each Sponsorship is a $50 monthly commitment that goes directly to Lindsay’s Faith care. Or a business can sponsor Lindsay’s Faith In Full for $350 per month, to make up her entire sponsorship team. We are a non-profit and count on public support to care for this herd and offer our Mustang assisted Wellness Programs to those in need. Sponsors receive a professional print on archival paper of your sponsored horse as well as updates from Lindsay’s Faith throughout the year!

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Lindsay's Faith & MMJ

Lindsay’s Faith was adopted in May of 2010. She is named after Mary Miller-Jordan’s father and his inspirational unconditional love and faith in her which has been a true catalyst in helping her dreams come true.

Lindsay and MMJ

Lindsay and Mary were partners for the first Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover (SEMM) that Mary competed in. Lindsay taught her depth, patience, grazing mode, and inner peace. In the photo above, the first touches between Mary and Lindsay’s Fath are captured.


The SEMM is a competition where competitors are given 100 days to gentle and train a wild horse. At the conclusion of the training, all teams would travel from all corners of the country to Texas to compete. The top twenty made finals and first place would win $50,000. Lindsay’s Fath and Mary did make finals and finished in 17th place that year, determined to try again the following year. One year later they competed together in a National Reality TV Show called “America’s Favorite Trail Horse”. It was much like American Idol for horse and human teams. They were blessed to not only make the finals but win the entire competition – thanks to a supportive public that voted us on top. The award came with a $30,000 payout and the first national title Mary had received.


This award led to many great things – including this article in Horse Illustrated.


Thanks to this special Mustang and this competition that enabled us to stand out from the rest, Breyer Model Horses selected Lindsay’s Faith to immortalize as a Breyer Horse! What a reality that dreams are made of!


Lindsay’s Faith has been inspirational to many, including Mary. She went on to write two children’s books about Lindsay’s faith including Silver Mane, a chapter book that is based on the true story of Lindsay’s Faith, and Be You Lenny, a coloring book as well as a first reader book.

Today Lindsay’s Faith is retired here on the sanctuary land. She spent a lot of time on the road with Mary to compete in the SEMM, AFTH, to perform at Breyerfest when her Breyer model was released. She now enjoys roaming around at will in the huge pasture with her many other wild Mustang friends.

Lindsay’s Faith is in need of Sponsorship. If you feel a connection to Lindsay’s Faith it would be our honor for you to amplify that connection by a direct contribution to her care.

Sponsoring an I AM HERD horse or pony is one of the most supportive things you can do for our work and mission. And the most amazing part is the way it truly connects the Caregiver TO the horse or pony they are Sponsoring! These wild ones just know and they are so grateful for Your help!

As a Gift of Gratitude for your Sponsorship, we will mail professional print on archival paper of your sponsored horse! We send out additional Gifts of Gratitude throughout the year as well as send you personal updates from your horse or pony!

Above all, you will know that your donation ensures that we can provide the best of care to this wild one that you feel a connection to. Sponsorships are a monthly donation of $50, the cost of a bale of hay, and are a one year commitment. You may opt to have your monthly donation withdrawn automatically or you may pay in full for the year either via check or online credit card. The annual commitment begins the month you begin your Sponsorship (so a Sponsorship initiated in Feb 2020 will run through Feb 2021)

Blessings from this herd to your heart, there is truly a wild horse in all hearts that are drawn to them ~

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