One of the unique wellness programs offered by I AM HERD is our Mustang Assisted Living Facility Visits!

(below) Mustang Sueño travels to Wilmington, NC Assisted Living Facilities to visit with the residents in their courtyards, inside the lobby and even bedside.

I AM HERD is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, home to 25 wild and rescued horses and ponies! Some of these Mustang are now ‘wildly gentle’ and love to share their heart space with residents. The Mustangs bring such powerful peace. (and it’s not just the horses … we often bring Tiny, the Miniature Goat, Aural, the minuature donkey, and Celery, the Bunny to visit with residents too!)

If you are interested in having I AM HERD offer a program, please reach out to Mary Miller-Jordan at 910-712-4823 or email

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