No Judgements … No Limits

I think it is critical as I move forward with I AM HERD that I remain very transparent about what this non profit organization is all about.

What we ARE about is inspiring others to HEAR YOUR OWN HEART. What we are NOT about is judging others in any way.

In fact – there is not one tiny spot in our mission that has room for any sort of judgement of others or judgement of ourselves. Only acceptance of everyone for who they are and forgiveness for ourselves for who we think we are not.

I AM HERD is open to connecting with people of all belief systems and varying religions. We ALL deserve to HEAR OUR OWN HEART, no matter our affiliations.

There are NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish when you tune into the voice in your HEART and tune out the judgements of the rest of the world.

No Judgements – No Limits.


Our inaugural event is just around the corner and we are already creating partnerships with sponsors and seeking out more. If you feel inspired to join our mission, contact us to see how you can help!


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