The I AM HERD mission is two fold: To create Sanctuary for Mustangs & to Share the Sanctuary with those in need

We have multiple Programs that enable us the Share the Sanctuary with others.

The Mustang Mentorship & Meditation Program is geared for middle school and high school age youth. We literally bring the sanctuary TO those in need as we set up right in the back yards of schools with the Mustangs. We work with the area schools to identify young people that would most benefit from our program. We work with small intimate groups in a series of sessions to help them tune into the inner heart confidence that the Wild Horse so embodies.

(Above are the Mustangs visiting a school in partnership with non-profit ‘Communities in Schools’ Below, center is ‘Magic’ one of the Mustang Ambassadors & Mustang Mentors. This image is when she was still living in the wild of Oregon)

Mustangs on the Map is our program geared for a younger, elementary school audience. We support this program with a complimentary viewing of our Wild Horse Road Trip documentary, which showcases our journey across the country to adopt two of our Sanctuary Mustangs, the ‘Soul Sisters‘.

The ancestors of the Mustangs as well as our own ancesters were once in close partnership together and through this history we can share the heart of the wild horse right in the classroom. We also bring the Ambassador Mustangs to the elementary schools so they can meet the Mustangs in person.


Mustang Meditations are offered both on the Sanctuary with the Herd of all 15 Mustangs, as well as at locations where there is a need for the Heart Space of the Mustang to be shared.

We currently travel to Wilmington, NC and offer Mustang Meditations at Tidal Creek Co-op and we will be offering 17 Mustang Meditations all across the country, from NC to UT, this summer during our 2019 #SharetheSanctuaryTour.

We are able to do what we do thanks to donations from Helpers like YOU. You can support I AM HERD through Amazon SMILE … or set up a FB Fundraiser page ( Link HERE ) or donate Today via Paypal OR CC or mail a check to PO Box 3 Kelly, NC 28448