Reflections from July 30th Lumberton, NC Event

Reflections from the I AM HERD event held July 30th in Lumberton, NC.

This event was about encouraging children to have confidence in their own inner light, even in the face of adversity. We shared freestyles that embrace how horses gift us wings and I shared a story about myself (MMJ) as a school age girl and how the gift of a horse in my heart carried me through.

The vision of a horse was where my confidence has come from my whole life. Everything I have accomplished, be it horse related or not, it has all been supported by the confidence a horse has given me.

I did not grow up with a horse in my backyard all the time, but I always had a horse in my heart and that was enough. We ALL have an inner ‘warrior horse’ – a horse that is ready and waiting at all times to lift us up and carry us magically higher to a place of love, of protection and of confidence.

We closed the event with each child painting their own horse. They selected their own color paints and the model horse that spoke to their hearts and each child left with a tiny hand painted horse that fit in their hands and hopefully a new sense of knowing of the powerful horse that lives in their hearts.



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