This is my dream offering and I am so grateful to now have the space at I AM HERD to share it. I remember so well my days of connecting one on one with a new wild Mustang. I lived that one horse. I was in and out of their paddock all day long. I saw them in my dreams at night. I woke up to see them watching me (first in my mind’s eye and then when I looked outside!) My most precious relationships were born of that single pointed awareness. There is no doubt the horse sees our thoughts, they feel our intentions, they know so much more than we could ever imagine.

I love that deep dive of falling in love with a horse, learning who they are, tuning in to that magical place where the two of us uniquely meet. How can I support them? What do they need me to see?

And I LOVE becoming a midwife to this birthing for horses and their own humans.

In the past my support has been limited to clinic environments. (which I still offer) But there is nothing quite like immersing with your heart horse–right here on the sanctuary–and having abundant personal time that is entirely dedicated to whatever it may be that your horse (and you!) uniquely need.

Your horse will have our entire (board fenced) arena as her/his safe space to call home. (The arena is full acre in size) And there is a 10′ by 16′ shelter that is attached to the arena. Our sanctuary herd of Mustangs and ponies surround the space, but there is a buffer (no shared fences) so your horse will be surrounded by calm, peaceful horse energy, while safely inside of their own space.

This set-up is how I prefer to bring in new wild horses to the sanctuary. I love for them to be able to see and be surrounded by other horses. Our herd here already knows that this place is so safe and they are deeply grounded in their own skin. Their presence creates an energetic imprint that new horses instantly read and feel. This supports the new wild horses (as well as your horse) to feel safe in a new place.

And feeling safe is the FIRST and most fundamental component of relationship! So, this part is so important.

But the horse is not the only one that needs to feel safe and accepted—this extends to the human to! (ie YOU!) We will set you up to sleep right beside your horse (which is my most favorite thing!) We have a living quarters trailer that you are welcome to use–or you may bring your own if you have one (we have hookups for you) We also have a bathroom in the barn that you are welcome to.

As far as the actual one-on-one sessions … this is entirely individualized for each Horse-Human team. The clock does not exist when you are here. We are on your horse’s time. Some sessions are short and sweet and frequent and sometimes we get in a grove and just keep flowing with it … whatever works best is what I go with. And again, this is what I do with any new wild Mustang partner. So this is what I want to offer you!

Our time and energy is so valuable, and how we use it is our choice! My intention is to offer you and your horse partner the very best that I have to offer. That is my reason for offering support right here on the sanctuary in this way.

In regards to the length of time that you are here, I am open to what may work for you, but I can share that my favorite time block is this:

Day #1: Arrive at the time that is comfortable for you, preferably at least 2 hours before sunset. Allow this day for the horse and yourself to have time to settle into the space. This is a nice time to discuss things that you may be struggling with, or things you feel you would like to explore. It is also a time for me to simply witness your horse, feel her/his energy, and get to know him/her from a place of non-doing.

Day #2: Mid-morning (I usually begin around 10 am) we have our first session. This begins with observation. It is a time for me to tune into the place where you and the horse presently meet. There is no right vs. wrong. You, and your horse have nothing to prove! We are all equals. … sometimes it helps for me to ‘feel’ the horse a little inside of this session (so sometimes I will do just a little with the horse myself and that can help me better tune into more information, but only if it feels right)

We also spend time practicing some meditation and breathing techniques that I have personally found so very helpful for me, as someone who tends to ‘hold’ … both in muscle-tension and held-breath. These techniques naturally eb and flow and become something unique for each person, but there is a nice starting point where we will begin our practice. … This part cannot be missed, because it will be the underlying current that flows through every future session.

My intention is to be like a midwife to the next level of relationship between the horse and human. My intention is NOT to be the primary one ‘doing’ things .. and my intention is certainly not to take your horse and put him/her in-training with me while he/she is here. I see training as everything, so yes, this will be training, but the thing I might do with your horse (if the horse were my partner) could be different from what I feel is ideal for you to do with your horse partner. … so I am not only tuning into the horse, but also to you. Your personal skill-set, your individual sensitivities (which are wonderful things!) your unique goals, past experiences, day to day set-up … all of these things (and more) influence what you can uniquely offer the horse.

So this process is truly a unification of the two of you. The horse leads us. And I witness and offer support as needed.

Sometimes the support is helping you learn new tools of communication. Sometimes the support is my intuition. Sometimes the support is me helping you tune into your own intuition (which is always the intention) Sometimes the support is just being a loving presence of gentle awareness.

Two of my daughters were born at home. My midwife gave me the most precious gift, not by doing it for me (how could she?) … but by empowering me to see that I really could do this myself.

Now, I am not saying that if you dream of galloping bridleless and bareback on your horse that happens to have no comprehension of such communication … I am not saying that you can magically just make that happen without both of you learning certain things… but I am saying that we ALL have the ability to connect more deeply with who we truly are inside. And we ALL have the ability to learn new things. And EVERY horse deserves to be cared for and appreciated for simply who they are. If you come with those qualities anchored in your awareness, the birthing of a new depth to your relationship with your horse partner will simply become inevitable.

… ok, back to Day #2. After that mid-morning session, I often like to give everyone some time to process and rest. (staying hydrated is important, as much of this is highly energetic work) Then, mid-afternoon we can have another session. This one begins to be more of an implementation of some of the ideas born of the morning session.

Day #3: This is our day to really create a new imprint, (and thus start to develop a touchstone you can take home) as we now have information from the day before. … This day is really difficult to outline, because so much depends on the day prior, but we are on the horse’s time, so we may do a mid-morning and mid-afternoon deep dive .. or we may do more shortened, in and out sessions throughout the day.

This is when it may also be beneficial for me to share some things/concepts/techniques with you with one of my horse partners here. I very much learn visually … but really—it goes beyond what we see. When we witness someone else doing something, we are also witnessing (feeling) the energy of the doing. Every ‘doing’ has a unique energetic imprint. It is much like an invisible blueprint. The ‘doing’ is kind of painted on the energy so to speak, and then you ‘see’ that thing, the thing being actually done–but there is WAY more to it than the doing itself (the doing meaning a behavior, or trick, or trot transition, or lead change, etc)   .. and to learn to do it yourself, it often helps to feel the imprint of someone else doing it. … because we are not so different from our beloved horse partners, we also feel energy. And we are deeply effected by it. We learn from it. Ultimately–we become it. (hence the saying to be careful who your friends are)

And there are some times it may be helpful for YOU to feel something, one-on-one with a horse here. We have 25 members of the herd. All at different levels, each their own unique beings, some that do lots of things, some that seem to do ‘nothing’ but are ALL breathing support into the air all around us … and so many that would love to help you–if their help would be helpful.

So, that’s Day #3

Day #4:  We begin with a gentle recap. A where-to-go-from-here type of discussion. I do not like to begin something new on the last day, but do find it very helpful to review and support the beginning of the process of assimilation. Obviously there will be more .. more to integrate .. more to discover as more unfolds back home … But there will also now be touchstones. There are places we have now created that you can go back to, tune back into that sense of safety, clear comprehension, and merged energy. It is a place where you and the horse can meet when you might fall a little off the path (though it is all the path, but paths can get confusing)

This touchstone may be as simple as a gentle counting in your mind … it may be the way you now hold the lead and position your body, or it may be a mantra you repeat within each canter stride. … it may be many things, but it is not a stone like a rock, it is an energetic touchstone, organically birthed, between you and your horse. And it will likely still be a bit fragile … as is everything new. So it will need to be protected and practiced until it becomes truly a part of you and your horse partner.

This is truly the art of creating a safe space for your horse to rest in. And to be a safe space for one another, well that, to me, is true relationship.

And the next part, the where you take this from here, once you leave … it is entirely up to you. I do offer zoom sessions, but I will say they are nothing like being in person, and I much prefer to do them AFTER I have had the opportunity to do a deep dive together such as this.

The investment for the above flow of Day #1 – Day #4, which includes three nights stay for both horse and human, is:
$1,200 You are welcome to add up to 2 additional days for +$300 per day
*this does not include meals, but we would love to invite you to have dinner with our family one night 🙂 And there is a sink, refrigerator and stove-top in your living space.

This is designed for one horse and their one human, however I have had people bring two horses and I am open to that, as long as they are pasture companions and can be together in the space. We can discuss pricing for that on a case by case basis.

I would also consider doing a two person/two horse stay, as long as the two people were comfortable sharing housing and the their two horse partners could as well. (or one person could bring their own trailer)

I would not be able to offer this level of awareness for more than two horse/human teams though … and in those situations, it would still be one-on-one with each horse-human team having their own space and turn every day. If interested, please reach out for pricing on that, we can certainly combine the cost of housing.

We are not able to have outside dogs on the property. We have 4 Livestock Guardian Dogs that live here.


4-Day Relationship Immersion $1,200 (as described above)

3-Day Relationship Immersion $900 (one day includes arrival, one day fully here, the last day includes departure. This is the next best option if the 4-Day does not work for your schedule.)

Up to 2-hr One-on-One Trailer-In Lesson $300 (available only to those that have already done a  Relationship Immersion or have participated in a clinic with me in 2023)

Half-Day Immersion $500 (trailer in/out same day. available on a case by case basis, please let me know if this format best supports you)

2-Day Relationship Immersion $750 (one day includes arrival, the other includes departure. To offer you the best support I much prefer the 3-Day or better yet, 4-Day, but I release not everyone can fit this in their schedule)

5-Day Relationship Immersion $1,500

6-Day Relationship Immersion $1,800

Obviously these immersions take a large block of my time and are offered individually, so I do have very limited availability. Most of this spring is currently booked (I do have a few windows still open) Summer is very hot here, so I recommend booking in the fall if this spring does not work.

Please email me at or text 910-712-4823 if you are interested in reserving your time here! I am honored and humbled by each one of you that values what I have to offer.

– Mary Miller-Jordan
(as always, all earned income as well as your donations go to supporting non-profit I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary)

ps- Sharing below one of my favorite 6 minutes ever, with my most precious Heart-Horse, Magic …

Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle Mary Miller-Jordan and Magic the Mustang from Mary Miller-Jordan on Vimeo.