The I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary “Share the Sanctuary” Tour is traveling 5,000 miles across the nation to bring a small herd of Mustang horses to the backyards of inner city schools and satellite sanctuaries/ host farms, offering Mustang Mentorship & Meditation programs. This Mustang herd creates a safe sanctuary space for children (and adults) to experience the healing power of peace and compassion.

Click on the Tour Stops below for further information. (the below tour stop links are being updated daily)

Tour Stops:
Wilmington, NC
Fulton, MO
Denver, CO
Ridgway, CO
Chama, NM
Fort Worth, TX
Nashville, TN
Kelly, NC

Our I AM HERD Mustang Mentorship & Meditation Programs are offered free of charge! We can help those we do, because of Helpers – like You! We would be honored if you join our Herd of Helpers to support our mission today!

Follow us at Instagram @MustangMentorship, at on FB at I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary.

Pictured left is Mustang “Mulestang” Violet and our oldest daughter, Zarina. Violet is one of the Mustang Ambassadors coming on tour with us this summer and of course Zarina and her sisters are coming too.

We hope to see YOU as we Share the Sanctuary!