Silver Lining is a Bay Mustang Gelding, with Silver in his tail, from wild Silver King, Nevada. Silver was rounded up by the Beuro of Land Management (BLM) and placed in holding until he was adopted by us. He is the fourth wild Mustang I AM HERD adopted and gentled, and competed with Mary Miller-Jordan in the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. Silver has a fun and silly personality, one that loves to make others laugh and to laugh alongside them. He is both grounded and loving, as well as silly and playful. A silver lining is a negative occurrence that can have a positive aspect, depending on how you view the situation. Silver Lining and Mary Miller-Jordan both had negative occurrences, but the Silver Lining – was bringing Silver home to the sanctuary land where he can be loved and cared for forever. He also is an award-winning Mustang, winning the Reserve Champion at the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover!

Silver is now building his Sponsor Team and is in need of his first Sponsor. Each Sponsorship is a $50 monthly commitment that goes directly to Silver’s care. Or a business can sponsor Silver In Full for $350 per month, to make up his entire sponsorship team. We are a non-profit and count on public support to care for this herd and offer our Mustang assisted Wellness Programs to those in need. Sponsors receive a professional print on archival paper of your sponsored horse as well as updates from Silver throughout the year!

Read on to learn more of his story …

silver first touches

Pictured here, Silver is in his first day of gentled training with Mary Miller-Jordan. This is a process that helps the Mustang’s feel safe and secure in their new home while learning that humans can be trusted. You can see in this photo how brave and grounded Silver is here. The Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover allows for 120 days of training before the competition. Mary Miller-Jordan and Silver decided they wanted to aim to compete in this competition brideless and bareback with no neck rope – which meant there must be a strong connection of trust between them. Silver and Mary ended up finishing Reserve of Champion of Legends, winning a total of $20,000 to continue the work of I AM HERD and provide a home for more Mustangs and ponies.

Pictured here is Silver Lining winning Reserve Champion at the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover.

Silver Loves his home here at I AM HERD, and also loves people! One of his best friends is Brave, as seen in the picture above. They both enjoy spending time together, and Silver played a large role in helping Brave feel accepted and welcomed by the herd. This speaks to Silver’s character that is one of a friendly and gentle nature. He is a joy to all who encounter him, and he will spend the rest of his days enjoying his freedoms here on the sanctuary land – simply being his amazing self!

Silver Lining is in need of Sponsorship. If you feel a connection to Silver Lining it would be our honor for you to amplify that connection by a direct contribution to his care.

Sponsoring an I AM HERD horse or pony is one of the most supportive things you can do for our work and mission. And the most amazing part is the way it truly connects the Caregiver TO the horse or pony they are Sponsoring! These wild ones just know and they are so grateful for Your help!

As your first Gift of Gratitude for your Sponsorship, we will mail professional print on archival paper of your sponsored horse! We send out additional Gifts of Gratitude throughout the year, and send you personal updates from Silver!

Above all, you will know that your donation ensures that we can provide the best of care to this wild one that you feel a connection to. Sponsorships are a monthly donation of $50, the cost of a bale of hay, and are a one-year commitment. You may opt to have your monthly donation withdrawn automatically or you may pay in full for the year either via check or online credit card. The annual commitment begins the month you begin your Sponsorship (so a Sponsorship initiated in Feb 2020 will run through Feb 2021)

Blessings from this herd to your heart, there is truly a wild horse in all hearts that are drawn to them ~

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