Soul Sisters – Soul Mamas?

So, any of you familiar with the BLM internet adoption system for wild mustangs knows that they will gladly ship the wild horses you adopt east for FREE to local pickup sites. So WHY oh WHY are we driving all the way from NC to OR to pick these girls up???

Well, the BLM does offer this service, but they are NOT willing to ship babies and pregnant mamas in the big trailers they use. They do not feel it would be in the best interest of the babies and mamas … so … are you getting this?

They are PREGNANT!!! The Soul Sisters were gathered from the wild in August of last yr (2016) – so they were still with their band stallion in the WILD all spring and are most likely IN FOAL!

Can you believe that?!! This story just keeps getting better!

Thank you to Mustang Meg for this AMAZING image of the Soul Sisters’ band stallion ‘MATEO’

Mateo means ‘Gift from God’ and boy is he that!!!

Can you just image the BABIES they could be carrying?

What an ADVENTURE this trip is on so many levels!

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-Mary Miller Jordan

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