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(above video is featured Mustang Rainbow, she is in need of Sponsorship)

At the I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary, our wild (and wildly gentle) Mustang horses and ponies are the heart of all we do. Our Mustang Mentorship and Meditation programs that we offer at no charge to those in need are supported always by these amazing horses.

One of the most helpful ways you can support I AM HERD, is through an individual Horse or Pony Sponsorship of
$50 buys one roll of high quality hay. The Mustangs eat 30 rolls per month!

As a Gift of Gratitude for your generous support, we are honored to mail you a Card with your Horse or Pony’s picture and their story, as well as a handmade doll made in the likeness of the Horse or Pony that you have Sponsored! These dolls are made with repurposed cashmere, wool and alpaca hair fibers. The stuffing inside is even wool as well! They are simply the most love-filled dolls we could ever imagine and we are so honored to be able to share them with our dedicated Sponsors. Each Pony doll comes with a Mustang Mala bracelet, worn as a necklace on the doll, but also wearable on your arm 🙂 The properties of the stones are in alignment with your special horse or pony, as this is a way to more deeply connect you with this special being that you are caring for each month!

The Horse or Pony Doll and Mustang Mala bracelet is gifted to you with your first month’s Sponsorship. Sponsorship is an annual commitment of $50/month for the full year.

We will be surprising Sponsors with additional gifts sprinkled through the year, as well as regular and personalized, digital updates from Your Horse or Pony.

You may pay for your annual Sponsorship in one payment of $600 or more by mailing a check to:

PO Box 3
Kelly, NC 28448
(please enclose your email and best contact information for us to follow up with you)

(please know if you opt to do this during the month of Dec. 2019, your $600 will be matched by our I AM HERD Donor Match, bringing your $600 donation to $1200!)

Or you may sign up for a monthly draft of $50 (or more, you select) here on Patreon.

* If you would like to be enrolled in The Wild Horse Course ($35/month) and would like to also Sponsor a Pony or Horse, please use this link to join instead.

** If you join during the month of Dec. 2019, you will not be charged until Jan. 1st 2020. … but we will gladly mail your special Card, Pony Doll and Mustang Mala bracelet immediately.

*** You may make a smaller monthly donation via Patreon as well.

**** We will reach out to you by email after your purchase of a Sponsorship to ask which Horse or Pony you would like to Sponsor.

The below three images are of the Sahaja doll and bracelet.

Heartfully handmade, down to every stitch, this sweet Sahaja Pony Doll is created from a repurposed cashmere/wool sweater and stuffed with wool and alpaca hair fibers. He is wearing a Mustang Mala Bracelet, created with selected stones that are in alignment with Sahaja’s individual essence.
The horse carving in the bracelet is one of a few we have left from our Native American friend we met on tour in New Mexico. It is carved from the stone, Serpentine, known for clearing and awakening.
The light stones are pink Moonstone, supporting new beginnings, inner growth and resiliency.
The Amethyst is known to awaken the soul, helping people to realize their life purpose and fulfill their ambitions.
Infused with lavender, this little doll simply radiates love, just like Sahaja does!

Current I AM HERD Horses and Ponies in need of Sponsorship are:







In 2019, I AM HERD brought Mustang Mentorship & Meditation programs to inner city schools, safe houses, shelters and inside nursing homes, offering support to 658 individuals in need. The I AM HERD Mustangs supported participants from diverse non-profits such as Communities In Schools, Youth Works, Coalition Against Rape & Domestic Violence, A Safe Place, Open Hands Farm, Make A Wish and more!

Two new wild horses were adopted into the sanctuary over this past year. Rehabilitation Mustang ‘Rainbow’, has become a powerful asset to our I AM HERD programs for individuals that have experienced trauma and abuse. Wild Pony ‘Sahaja’ is our most recent addition. He is a weanling wild pony colt from the mountains of Virginia. Sahaja has a big future ahead of him visiting bedsides in nursing homes and sharing so much joy with so many.

There are over 40,000 Wild Mustangs currently in holding facilities, waiting for adoptive homes. I AM HERD offers a forever home to 17 of these {formerly wild} horses.

Mission Statement: To combine the sanctuary for humans and mustangs to offer an experience of healing and freedom.

I AM HERD is a 501(c)3 non-profit EIN 47-3111624 Our programs are offered at no cost to those in need. I AM HERD depends on public donations to both care for the herd and to facilitate our programs.

The $10,000 I AM HERD Donor Match is for any donations made to I AM HERD in December 2019. These donations can be via FB or mailing a check to I AM HERD or Venmo or Paypal or a CC donation on our secure server on the website or you may call in a CC.

mailing address:
PO Box 3
Kelly, NC 28448
email Programs@IAMHERD.org
text 910-712-4823
Mary Miller-Jordan

Thank you to all of our supporters on Patreon!