Mustang Rainbow is currently in need of Sponsorship.

Rainbow came to I AM HERD in 2019, after a life of much trauma and misunderstanding. She now has a forever home here at the sanctuary and has become a powerful asset to our Mustang Mentorship & Meditation programs for individuals that have experienced difficulties in their lives as well.

When you Sponsor Rainbow, you become her caregiver, offering a $50 per month donation (enough to buy a roll of hay) for the year of 2020.

As your first Gift of Gratitude, we are honored to send you Rainbow’s handmade doll! Her doll is made with a (repurposed) dark brown cashmere sweater, her mane and tail is from Alpaca mix hair yarn and her doll is ‘stuffed’ with soft wool and alpaca hair. Entirely hand stitched, with a touch of lavender essential oil, I am simply smitten with her, just as we all are with Rainbow!

Her Mustang Mala necklace is also a bracelet for her Sponsor and is created from hand selected stones that feel to harmonize with her innate essence.

The purple Serpentine stone horse was hand carved by a Native American artisan that we met last summer while on the I AM HERD Share the Sanctuary Tour in New Mexico. Serpentine is known to support healing energy and awakening.

The bright green stones are Aventurine, known to be calming and bringing good fortune, as even though Rainbow’s history has not been easy, she certainly is Blessed beyond measure … and she blesses us as well.

The deep purple stones are Amethyst, an ancient stone known to assist in easing stress and pain and opening up the flow for Grace to pour in.

The brown, iridescent stones make of the majority of Rainbow’s Mustang Mala bracelet and this is very intentional. These stones are called Tigers Eye for good reason. They are deeply powerful and have an essence of piercing through the layers that have built up around us, piercing through any shadow, any density, any darkness and seeing forth to the Light that is always shining between the cracks. Rainbow carries this within her, this ability to see through all the layers and – we hold this within ourselves too. This Light that simply shines right through.

I also have a card with Rainbow photo and her story, to accompany her doll and bracelet.

Throughout the year of 2020, Sponsors will continue to recieve surprise Gift of Gratitude as well as updates from Rainbow, as she continues on her healing journey.

To become Rainbow’s Sponsor you may set up your monthly (tax deductible) donation through this link (you may choose any amount, $50+) We will see your registration and contact you to find your wrist size 🙂 I am happy to ship your doll overnight if you can cover actual costs, to be sure it arrives for Christmas if you would like!

If you prefer to write a check, you are welcome to pay your year Sponsorship in full, or send a check quarterly throughout the 2020 year. Please send us an email ( ) to let us know you would like to be a Rainbow Sponsor and you may mail your check to:
PO Box 3
Kelly, NC 28448

Rainbow’s Sponsorship is a year long commitment to her care 🙂

Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out directly!

May Blessings Flow for all those in need!
– Mary
Phone 910-712-4823