Squirt is a wild and young pony at heart but is in fact a domestic pony that is the oldest member of the herd at 25 years. He has been in the I AM HERD personal family for years and has been all over the Wilmington area giving pony rides at birthday parties. Squirt truly loves people and is an angel. He is incredibly playful and loves to play with Sahaja, Aural, Rico, and Amigo. He shines during the Mustang Mentorship and Meditation programs, as he is one of the school ambassadors who visit with youth in the backyards of schools. He loves people and bonds well with those he meets, both animal and human alike. He lives with the pony herd and enjoys taking field trips to local schools around North Carolina!

Squirt is in need of sponsorship! We are dedicated to offering him a forever home at I AM HERD, but as a non-profit, we count on public support to care for these Mustangs and do the work that we do. Do you feel a connection to this wild at heart pony? If so, would you become a Squirt Sponsor?

Read on to learn more of his story …

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Here Squirt can be seen visiting a school to help students learn about Safe Space. Squirt is grounded within himself and can find that peace and safe space within. He serves as a mentor for the students because there is so much to be learned from ponies and horses! Squirt is near twice the age or more than most of the students he visits with, providing wisdom and support to all around. But, don’t let his age fool you, he is young at heart and just as playful as he has always been.

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Squirt also enjoys a good party! Here he can be seen as “Santa Pony” visiting schools before winter break with his helper elf. Squirt brings joy with him wherever he goes, and the students in the Mustang Mentorship and Meditation program loved celebrating with him.

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Of course, Squirt also enjoys spending his time with friends in the pony herd, including one of his best friends, Sahaja! Sahaja and Squirt can often be found munching on yummy hay together, taking naps, and playing. They love to jump around with each other and enjoy the simple things in life. While Squirt is over 20 years older than Sahaja, there is nothing but youthfulness in their friendship. Squirt can certainly keep up with any horse or pony that wants to play!

Squirt is in need of Sponsorship. If you feel a connection to Squirt it would be our honor for you to amplify that connection by a direct contribution to his care.

Sponsoring an I AM HERD horse or pony is one of the most supportive things you can do for our work and mission. And the most amazing part is the way it truly connects the Caregiver TO the horse or pony they are Sponsoring! These wild ones just know and they are so grateful for Your help!

As a Gift of Gratitude for your Sponsorship, we will mail you a handmade doll in the likeness of your horse or pony! Along with a custom Mustang Mala that is a necklace for the doll and a bracelet for you! We send out additional Gifts of Gratitude throughout the year as well as send you personal updates from your horse or pony!

Above all, you will know that your donation ensures that we can provide the best of care to this wild one that you feel a connection to. Sponsorships are a monthly donation of $50, the cost of a bale of hay, and are a one-year commitment. You may opt to have your monthly donation withdrawn automatically or you may pay in full for the year either via check or online credit card. The annual commitment begins the month you begin your Sponsorship (so a Sponsorship initiated in Feb 2020 will run through Feb 2021)

Blessings from this herd to your heart, there is truly a wild horse in all hearts that are drawn to them ~

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