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*** Please note that any soap ordered will arrive to you unpackaged. We are phasing out of soap making and we do have a bit more inventory to sell, but we will not longer be adding the packaging to the soap bars 🙂 ***

Wake up the skin you live in with Goat Milk Organic Coffee Soap! - Be Life Farm

The Organic/Fair Trade Coffee is by Folks Cafe in Wilmington, NC. We LOVE Ms. Tammy and Mr. Juan of Folks Cafe and are honored to use their coffee in our Be Life Goat Milk soap!

Why Coffee in soap? Ummmmm. Is this really a question? If we have the option to layer coffee infused organic oils all over our body daily would really really question why? I thought not. But in case you would like to know more reasons why, beyond the obvious. Coffee is known to even skin tone, decreasing the appearance of sun spots and create more youthful looking skin. And it actually wakes you up. Coffee in soap wakes your skin up and can make you feel lighter, more refreshed and renewed. This soap has finely ground coffee 'grounds' in it as well - they create the BEST exfoliate. And this is not just any coffee - this is Folks Organic, Fair Trade coffee. It simply does not get any better! But you knew that. 😉

We always use ORGANIC oils in our soaps. This soap is made from Organic Coconut oil and Organic Olive oil - plus the Be Life Goat Milk of course!

This soap will last longest if you keep it dry between uses!

These are 3 PLUS ounce bars. **Please note these are hand-cut, so weight may fluctuate slightly, but they are all a bare minimum of 3 ounces

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