Clinic: Liberty demo + Where to begin? 💗 with Mary Miller-Jordan

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I am excited to have the opportunity to spend the day with you! A huge thank you to Triple Crown Feed for sponsoring.

June 24th, 2023
10 am start time
Brinnwood Farm
Sanford, NC

We will be diving deeply into relationship theory ... which, for me, is all about a Safe Space.
How to feel it. How to be it. How to share it. How to weave a relationship where a Safe Space is the place where you and your horse meet.

This really is everything. It extends for beyond any technique or specific training tool. Knowing what a Safe Space is, and knowing how to honor it, how to protect it, and how to amplify it is the most important aspect of my relationships with horses.

I will be unpacking what I mean by the above with 4 different horses throughout the day.
Two are my personal Mustang partners and two are horses I have never met.
In the morning session I will be sharing demonstrations of advanced liberty and bridleless riding with Magic. And I will be bringing her sister, Gabriella, who I have only just begun the relationship building process with.
In the afternoon session I will be working with two new horses that I have never met before. This gives me an incredible opportunity to share the very beginning stages of how I tune into what each horse will need. And I fully expect each horse to need different things from me. (they always do!)

My intent is not so much to teach you a tool (though I will definitely be describing the tools I use, as I use them) but more so my intent is to show you HOW I go about deciding what tools I want to use in the first place... and again, this will look different for each horse and this will change even within the same horse throughout my session with them.
I use many tools, many ways to communicate with the horse... but all the tools I use hold a similar vibration. And that vibration is of a Safe Space.

This will be $35 per adult, $10 for children (anyone under 18 is $10)

Discounts available for barn buddies, and groups of friends ❤️

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