Goat Yoga at Hi-Wire Brewing on Sept 20th, 2023 at 6:00 pm-6:45 pm

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***This class sold out! But we added a 6:50 pm class that you can register for HERE ***

Goat Yoga at Hi-Wire Brewing on September 20th, 2023 at 6 pm (class is 45 minutes long). This class will be INSIDE in the a/c !!!

Our goats are part of our family. We have Nigerian Dwarfs (a playful miniature goat breed) and LaManchas (dairy goats who are very zen in nature). They each have unique personalities, but all super sweet, very friendly and love people.

My husband and I first started offering goat yoga back in 2017 at Tidal Creek Co-op as Be Life Farm (see article below) and we are now organized as a non-profit sanctuary (I AM HERD) where we are home to 25 wild and rescued horses and ponies, as well as our herd of goat yogis. We are in partnership with Communities in Schools and we travel to Pender and New Hanover Public Schools bringing the goats (and certain Mustang horses that are very gentle) for our Herd-Assisted Socio-Emotional Wellness Programs.

We are excited to offer Goat Yoga at Hi-Wire (and we are excited that we will be inside, so weather will not matter!) This class will be 45 minutes long. All ages are welcome to attend. Please bring your yoga mat (or a towel) and come ready to enjoy some extra special goat love and goat yoga! We do have a limited number of spaces, so that everyone will receive plenty of attention from the goats.

- Mary and Mike

(below is a newspaper clipping from out very first Goat Yoga event at Tidal Creek Co-op! That is Taco as a baby pictured standing, and Charlo is cuddled up next the the person. They are two of our first LaManchas and they started our journey with Goat Yoga. They are both full grown now and live here on the sanctuary.)

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