Relationship-led Liberty Clinic with the I AM HERD Mustangs and Mary Miller-Jordan Sept. 2nd - 3rd

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This is an immersion into Mary's relationship-based work with the Mustangs right here at the I AM HERD Sanctuary. Participants will be observing Mary working one on one with various members of the herd. Featured Mustangs will have a wide variety of life experience and personality, therefore Mary's approach with each one will vary drastically.

All experience levels are welcome to attend, as there will be something for everyone.

* Positive reinforcement/clicker training -both classically {ie following the rules} as well as creatively {ie making up new rules}
* Mindful pressure/release -this is important too and cannot be avoided, because the truth is we are doing it all the time, everytime we are near a horse, even if we are not aware, even if we don't want to - better off to do it awake!
* Animal communication -that everyone can do! and that you are likely already doing
* Horse and human body language -what it looks like, how it is different from horse to human, because the two are not the same. Human bodies and horse bodies will never be the same, but the mirror neurons DO syncronyze
* Energetic work within the human. -this is our on going relationship with our own inner child and this cannot be avoided, as it is painting everything we do with horses
* How all of these weave together to develop a truly heart-based connection.

Participants will experience hands on activities (human with human/role playing as horse) as well as personal explorations (human with inner child) to help participants become more self-aware. All activities are designed to help the human understand the nuances and sensitivities of these blended techniques, before they explore them with the horse ... and most importantly the energetic container that holds everything.

This clinic is NOT designed for you to bring your own horse partner, but it is a per-requisite to attending one of Mary's Horse-Human Relationship Immersion Experiences where you can bring your own horse partner to the sanctuary and Mary will support you together, one on one. You may also partner with one of the Mustangs here at I AM HERD for a Horse-Human Relationship Immersion Experience, again this clinic is a pre-requisite for that as well.

Saturday Sept 2nd 10:30 - 5:30
Sunday Sept 3rd 10:30 - 5:30
(Raindate is the following weekend Sept. 9-10)

We will provide lunch on both days!

There are great BnB locations in Currie and Rocky Point, which is within 20 minutes from the sanctuary, which is in Kelly, NC.
Please do NOT bring dogs! ... we have guardian dogs here at the sanctuary and they do not understand about other visiting dogs!

Please feel free to ask any questions, or if you would like to inquire about scheduling a Relationship Immersion with your heart horse here at the sanctuary after this event!

Much love,
Mary and the Herd

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