The ULTIMATE SOUL SISTERS GIFT SET! --> DVD of Gentling Set + Digital Download + Digital Download of MOVIE + Digital Download of SOUNDTRACK + Soul Sister Note Card

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This is the Ultimate Soul Sisters Gift set! .. ok - here is all the loot ... (we only have 100 of these in stock, once they are sold we will be out until after the holidays)

* DVD hard copy of the Journey Gentling 3 Disc Set (PLUS the Digital Download to accompany it!)
* Digital Download of the Wild Horse Road Trip MOVIE
* Digital Download of the 'Songs of the Soul Sisters' Soundtrack by Sabinananda
* PLUS a custom Note Card from our Note Card Set
View the trailer for the Gentling 3 Disc Set here -->
View the trailer for the Wild Horse Road Trip Movie here -->
Listen to samples of the SOUNDTRACK 'Songs of the Soul Sisters' here -->

*These will ship on or before Dec.13th*

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