The Heart Math Institute has now shown that the wavelengths of the human heart extend almost 10 foot in diameter. The Heart of the Horse extends 5 Times that far! Imagine sharing space with a herd of Mustangs that are each overflowing with this vast Heart Space of peace. Each of them radiating 50 feet of Heart Space overlapping Heart Space. A visual diagram of this measurable supportive heart space is shown in the graphic below …

For our Mustang Mentorship & Meditation Programs – We quite literally bring the Sanctuary TO the Youth in need! We have a very special group of Mustangs that travel with Mary Miller-Jordan and together they create a Pop-Up Mustang Sanctuary for Youth in need, right in the backyards of their very own schools! 

The Mustangs gently guide the participants to see beyond their perhaps ‘limited’ perception of self. Often times the participants will see the Mustangs as Beautiful, Peaceful, Free or Powerful. Mary guides the small, intimate group to feel deeper into these I AMs. To experience the support of the Mustang herd entraining the rhythms of their own hearts to that of a more peaceful way of being. The peace is quite tangible and the presence of the Mustang herd that has come just for these special children – well it creates an experience not soon forgotten.

Below is a hand-written note from one of our recent participants “Cheyenne”

I AM HERD works closely with fellow non-profit Communities in Schools, offering unique Mustang Mentored enrichment to the children they serve.

“In the U.S., approximately 1 in 6 children under the age of 18 live in poverty, shouldering more than they should have to. Communities In Schools® works directly inside schools, building relationships that empower students to succeed inside and outside the classroom.” from